What is 3-D Secure?

In accordance with TAB's responsibilities as a credit card merchant, we have recently upgraded the credit card processing procedures for online deposits to include 3-D Secure Authentication.

TAB uses the latest credit card technologies including Verified by Visa and MasterCard® SecureCode™ to ensure that your online transactions with us is safe and secure.

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What is 3-D Secure?

3D Secure is a protocol used as an added layer of security for online credit and debit card transactions. This is achieved by adding another authentication step for online payments.

Why do we use it?

TAB takes your privacy and data security seriously and we do our best to provide an exceptional level of protection for our customers against online fraud, credit card and identity theft.

How does it work?

When you deposit funds on the TAB Website or App using a credit card or debit card, you may now need to confirm your CVV and may be requested by your bank or financial institution to authenticate the transaction in order to ensure that you are the card account holder. Once the transaction has been authenticated by your bank, we will process your deposit.

You can be confident that your credit card is safe and secure.

Both Verified by Visa & MasterCard SecureCode are services that provide the necessary protection to keep your credit card safe from hacking. These services are provide free of charge, however your bank or financial institution needs to register you to take advantage of these security features.

What if I am NOT enrolled?

Most Australian banking and financial institutions have automatically enrolled their cardholders for Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode services. However, if your card is not enrolled, this means that either the bank that issued the card is not yet supporting these services or it means that the cardholder has not yet been registered for them. If you are not registered and your financial institution requests verification from you via the TAB website or App you will not be able to finalise your deposit with us. It is highly recommended for a smooth, safe & secure experience that you register for these services if you discover that you are not registered.

What if my card IS enrolled?

If your card is enrolled for Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode by your bank or financial institution, the TAB Website or App will automatically use these services to protect your online transactions with us. You can be confident that your transactions with TAB is safe and secure.

More Information

For more information please see the links below:

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If you have any issues or problems with using Verified by Visa or MasterCard® SecureCode™ you should contact your bank or financial institution.

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