Tattsbet.ubet.com decommission FAQ

Q. When will tattsbet.ubet.com be switched off?

A. Tattsbet.ubet.com will be decommissioned mid to late December 2018. We will provide you with the exact date before the switch off occurs.

Q. Why is the website being decommissioned?

A.Tattsbet.ubet.com is an older website that has since been replaced by ubet.com. The newer ubet.com has all of the same features as tattsbet.ubet.com as well as many more, so it doesn’t make sense any longer to run both websites.

Q. Will I still be able to use my existing account?

A. Yes. Your current balance, bet history and details will all be available on http://ubet.com

Q. Are there any products or services current available on tattsbet.ubet.com that are not available on ubet.com or UBET App?

A. No, you can still access all of the great products, services and markets plus a lot more. Some of our exciting features you will now have access to include:

  • Detailed ticket history which allows you to easily view the details of your pending and finalised bets
  • Bonus Bets and better promotions
  • Multi Builder – Allows you to easily place all your favorite fixed price multis via a single view on both sport and racing
  • Quaddie builder


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