TAB retail rollout begins

  • Why do I now see TAB when I walk into my local Agency or Pub?

From mid-November through to the end of March we'll be covering Australia in 'green' (excluding WA). It's pretty much just the signs though. Same great promotions, products and experiences you’ve always known.


  • Can I still use my UBET account?

Yes. Later this year your UBET account will become your TAB account for QLD / NT / SA / TAS. We'll let you know well in advance, so you know what to expect. Rest assured it’s the same balance, same products and promotions.


  • Why are the website and app still UBET while the signs in my local have changed?

The changeover to TAB is going to take a while. These first steps will bring all of Australia (excl. WA) under the TAB brand. Retail signs will start to change in mid-November and continue through until the end of March. The website and app will switch over in mid-December. We'll let you know well in advance, so you know what to expect.


  • What happens to UBET venues - will anything change as far as being able to put bets on at my local?

For now, everything stays the same (except the sign on the door). Over time, we'll be looking at ways to expand the network of venues and what products you have access to in venue. We'll let you know before any of this happens.


  • What are some of the key benefits of the Tabcorp / Tatts Group merger for regular UBET customers?

The combined Tabcorp brings a stronger business for customers. While we've changed our name from UBET to TAB. It's not a big deal. What is a big deal, is the fact that we'll still have the best offers, deals and punting experience on the market.


  • Will there be any disruption to the services / products currently provided during the merger?

Right now, we're changing the covers, keeping all the products and services you currently love the same, just adding better offers and deals than ever before.


  • Can I still call the same number to place a bet and speak to customer service?

Yep. In QLD / SA / NT / TAS you'll continue call 1800 823 888

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