How do I place a FootyTAB bet?

TAB FootyTAB for NRL Season 2018 is now available via the TAB App and in TAB Retail Outlets and agencies (FootyTAB betting is currently unavailable on the TAB websites).


FootyTAB is a pari-mutuel (Totaliser) betting betting product for NRL matches that combines bets into four betting pools based on FootyTAB bet type selected - listed below:

The dividend for each is calculated by dividing the pool, less the designated commission, by the amount of money invested on the winning selection.

FootyTAB betting is available on all games in the National Rugby League (NRL) competition, State of Origin games and International games in which Australia is a participant. 

FootyTAB results are paid on the score at the conclusion of regular time (80-minutes). FootyTAB results do not include any points scored during Golden Point (extra time).


The objective of Pick the Margins type is to select the Margin between the scores of the two teams (Home or Away) in each of the designated games.


  • Home Team win by 13+
  • Home Team win by 1‑12
  • Draw
  • Away Team win by 1‑12
  • Away Team win by 13+

Minimum investment for Pick The Margin is $1


Pick the winner is available in all NRL rounds.

Objective is to Select the Winner (Home or Away) of every game in the current round, taking into account the Points Start allocated for each game.

Minimum investment for Pick The Winner is $1


Pick The Score is focussed on a single game with the aim of selecting the final score for each of the two teams, one designated the HOME team and the other the AWAY team.

Select a score or a range of scores for each of the "Home" and "Away" teams in the range of 0/1 to 49 or "All" (which means all scores). Selection of score 0/1 gives a score of both zero and 1 and the score of 49 represents all scores above 48.

The HOME team is always listed first and Pick the Score is available each week on every game of the round.

Minimum investment for Pick The Score is $1


Pick The Result is available on every game in the current NRL round. Objective is to select the winning team (Home or Away) and the winning margin for each individual game selected.

Select either the Home or Away team together with a “win by” margin in the range of 0 to 24. A draw is entered by selecting 'Draw' and 24+ represents 24 and all margins over 24. Selecting “All” win by margins also includes a draw.

Minimum investment for Pick The Result is $1

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