Odds and Offers

The race view page shows two columns of odds and offers, Tote and Fixed Price. They are then split between win and place. All returns are shown for a $1 bet. For example, a $10 bet on a winning horse with odds of $2.40 would pay $24.

Tote: Tote (or pari-mutuel) odds are determined by the size of the pool and the betting activity on each runner. Tote odds change depending on betting activity and the relative popularity of the horse, so the odds you see when you place a bet may not be the final odds for that race. The final odds are determined when the race starts.

Fixed Price: These odds are set by the bookmanagers and are changing all the time as they adjust their prices based on betting activity; however the odds you see when your bet is accepted are the odds for your bet regardless if it then changes prior to the race. NOTE: Refunds and deductions apply if your selection is scratched or another runner is scratched.

FYI: When odds for a runner show a down arrow icon, this indicates that the odds on the runner have decreased since the last update. This is known as shortening. If the odds for the runner do not continue decreasing after the next update, the icon is removed. Odds for the shortest priced runner or favourite are shown with a star.

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