How do I read the form guide?

Basic Form Information

Basic Form information is shown as part of the Runner information in the right hand columns of the Runner pages.

The Form column shows the performance of the runner at the current track and under various weather conditions. The following table describes the codes used:

Letter Description
D Has won over this distance at another track
T Has won at this track over another distance
W Has won or been placed on a rain-affected track

The L3S (last three starts) column shows the result for the runner at its last three starts. The following table describes the codes used:

Character Description
F The runner fell
L The runner lost it's rider
P The runner was pulled up and did not complete the race
N The runner was left at the barrier
X The runner has not raced for twelve weeks or more
1-9 The placing of the runner
0 The runner did not finish in the first nine places

Form Guide

The Form Guide is accessed by clicking Show Form above the Runner list for each race, or by clicking an individual Runner name and is a free info service available to account holders. 

The guide is compiled from analysis across the board, providing details of the runner based on its full career, including L3S, historical performance at track, distance, 1st up, 2nd up and on rain affected ground, breeding, race colours, etc.

The Expanded Form Guide is the same information shown in TAB Retail Outlets.

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