How do I place a Quadrella?

A Quadrella (Quaddie) is a Multi Leg Tote bet type.

To win a Quadrella, you have to select the winners of four nominated races. TAB operates Quadrellas on selected race meetings.

You can take as many runners as you like in each race or 'leg' of the Quadrella. The more runners you select to win each 'leg', the more combinations you get.

Which races are usually nominated for a Quadrella?

Quadrellas are commonly available on the last four (4) races at nominated meets.

To check if a Quadrella is available at a meet and the races included - head to TAB racing home and look for the 'Show Me' Multi filter as highlighted below.

Selecting 'Quadrella' will show which meets where quadrellas are available and which races they include. Click/Tap on any highlighted block of races to see the quadrella market.

Placing a Quadrella (Quaddie)


1. Navigate to any race event or meet location on the TAB website and look for the button labelled 'MULTILEGS'

2. In the Multi Legs screen, look for 'Quadrella' in the bet type row. If Quadrella does not appear, it may not be on offer for this meeting.

3. Make your selections for each leg/race and add to your bet slip.


  1. Navigate to any race meet location in the TAB app and select the 'Multi Legs' tab.
  2. Tap 'Quadrella' in the list that appears.
  3. Make your selections for each leg/race and add to your bet slip.
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