How can I view my bet history online?

To find your bet history online:

1. At the top right side of the page, click on your name (ie - JACK)

2. Choose second tab "Ticket History” 

3. Select the date range you wish to view by clicking on the calendar icon next to the date, choose the month then click on the date or leave the date as is as it will give you the past months details

4. To view any bets that are still alive, choose “Open” from the drop down menu on the left

5. To view any bets that were winning bets, choose “Won”

6. To view any tickets that are closed, choose “Closed”

If you are unable to print the required pages please call our Customer Contact Centre on 1800 UBET 88 (1800 823 888) we can arrange for a statement to be sent to you.  Note charges may apply.

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