What is a Fixed Price All Up?

The Fixed Price All-Up bet type allows you to combine multiple fixed price selections across your favourite sporting and/or racing events. A Fixed Price All Up ensures that the dividend to be paid is set at the time of purchase rather than when the results are entered. If all of your selections are successful, then you win.

A Fixed Price All Up bet is made up of a minimum of two and a maximum of ten different sporting and/or racing events. Each of these events are referred to as a leg.

The majority of Fixed Price Events will be allowed in an All-Up, however some options may be excluded. If so, TAB Fixed Price will identify single or All-Up only markets for your information. There are certain combinations of events or selections that cannot be put together on an All-Up. These include:

  • If two legs are from the same event (excluding first and last goal/try scorer bet types in head to head sports matches)
  • A combination where the winner of one event has an impact on the price of another - e.g. in the 'A-League Brisbane v Adelaide', the 'Head to Head' and '1st Goal Scorer' bet types are related because the team that scores the first goal is more likely to win the game.
  • The time between the first leg and the last leg is greater than 360 days.
  • If the combined price (i.e. the multiplication of the individual Win Amounts) exceeds $10,000
  • Or the payout (i.e. the multiplication of the individual Win Amounts and the investment) exceeds $250,000

Some combinations are explicitly excluded by the Book Managers or exceed their liability levels.

The minimum investment for a Fixed Price All-Up is $1.

Alternative to Fixed price All Up - you can place a Tote All Up bet, which allows you to bet in the racing Totaliser Pool for multiple races at one meet. See How do I place a Tote All Up? for more details.

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