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 Other terms: Skyform Ratings

 Description: Skyform Ratings are provided by Daily Form Service and provide a quick glance comparison rating for each runner in a race. The rating takes into account relative weights, current form and consistency. 100 is the highest rating and represents the best credentialed runner in the race. Previously known as AAP Ratings and provided by AAP, the Skyform Ratings are now provided by DFS.


Source: Daily Form Service (DFS), Entered by Raceday Admin or Raceday Control



Other terms: Results

Description: The final declared payment for each $1 outlay on each particular bet type.

Source: Entered by Raceday Control



Other terms: Race Form, CDTW

Description: Basic form information about each runner's prior history at the current track, over the race distance and in wet conditions.



Column shows the result for the runner at its last three starts - the placing of the runner or other information if runner failed to place.


Form Guide

The Form Guide is accessed by clicking the Runner name in the Race grid and is a free information service available to all.

The guide is compiled from analysis across the board, providing details of the runner based on its full career, including last three starts, historical performance at track, distance, 1st up, 2nd up and on rain affected ground, breeding, race colours, etc.

The Expanded Form Guide is the same information shown in TAB Retail Outlets.


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Source: Data provided by RISA, controlled by Raceday Admin


Abandoned Race (ABDN)

Description: Term for when a race or a series of races at a meet have been cancelled due to inclement weather or other event.



Other Terms: Tote Odds

Description: The pari-mutuel totalisator system (the Tote) generates odds based on the total volume of bets placed on a runner relative to all other runners in the race. Odds change dynamically as the volume of wagers on the race increases. On, odds are refreshed every 30 seconds.


When you access the Runners page for a Race, three columns of Odds and (where offered) two columns of fixed price offer Prices for each Runner are shown.

All returns are shown for a $1 bet. For example, a $10 bet on a winning horse would return $24 if the win dividend was $2.40.

The Tote columns show current pari-mutuel Tote Win and Place odds. This is the return that is calculated for the runner to win or run a place in the race.

Pari-mutuel odds are determined by the size of the pool and the relative weight of betting on each runner. The dividend you receive for a winner is equal to the final odds determined when the race starts.

Odds for the shortest priced runner or favourite are displayed in white on a red background.

The Previous Odds column, (located immediately to the left of the Tote Win column), displays the Win odds that were shown in the Tote Win column 5 or 10 minutes ago. The column is headed with the actual time of the previous win odds and provides a handy guide to see how the odds change for the each runner, especially as the start of a race approaches.

The Fixed Price columns show current Win and Place prices for fixed price offers. These prices are set by the book managers and are changing all the time as they adjust their prices based on betting activity, however the dividend you receive for a winner is the price that is shown when your bet is accepted.

Source: Dynamically generated by the host system



Other terms: Pool Totals, Gross Pools

Description: The current total of each bet type pool being offered on the race. Changes dynamically as bets are made on the race and updates every 30 seconds

The Pools section at the bottom of the Runner grid for each race shows the current total of money invested in each of the bet type Pools operating on the Race.

Pool Tips

Most betting occurs in the few minutes prior to the start of the race, so these totals grow considerably as the Race start draws closer.

NTD on a Place Pool means that a dividend for the 3rd placed runner will not be available.  This is usually due to less than eight runners starting in the race.

Multi-leg Pools (e.g. Doubles, etc.) show the Pool total on the 1st Leg only. Final results for these Pools show on the last Leg.

Jackpots carried over from previous races can bolster Pool totals. Keep an eye out for these!

Source: Dynamically calculated by the host system


Fixed Price

Other terms: Prices, TAB prices, Offers, Proposition prices, Fixed Odds

Description: The Fixed Price columns show current Win and Place prices for Fixed Price offers. These prices are set by the book managers and are changing all the time as they adjust their prices based on betting activity, however the dividend you receive for a winning bet is the price that is shown when your bet is accepted.

TAB Fixed Price allows you to take a Fixed Price bet on selected races. Being Fixed Price means the dividend to be paid is set at the time of purchase rather than when the results are entered.



Other terms: Expert picks

DescriptionTips from RadioTAB and other Expert Tipsters.  Usually there will at least one set of tips, but there may be tips from one other tipster for this meeting. Tipsters provide their selections for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and sometimes 4th. Scratched runners are removed from the Tipster's selections. A "*" indicates that the expert tipster believes that their first selection is a special and is their best bet of the day. A "+" indicates that Each Way is recommended by the tipster. Some races may not have any tips, or may have tips for fewer than 4 placegetters. TAB takes no responsibility for Tips given.

Source: Provided by RadioTAB many sources and entered by Raceday Control

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