How do I place a Win / Place or Each Way bet?

What is a Win / Place or Each Way bet?

A Win bet is where you select a runner to finish first in a race.

A Place bet is where you select a runner to place either first, second or third in a race.

An Each Way bet is where you set an investment for a runner to both win or place in a race.

A Win bet is available on every race, and a Place bet is available subject to the number of starters in a race:

  • Where there are eight or more starts (or at least seven if the field has been reduced by a Late Scratching) then three place dividends are paid.
  • If there are five, six or seven starts (or four starters if the field has been reduced by a Late Scratching), then there will be No Third Dividend (NTD).
  • If there are four or less starters in a race, then there is No Place Pool (NPP) and any Place investments will be refunded.

The minimum bet for Win or Place bet is $1.

How do I place a Win / Place or Each Way bet?


  1. Head to the Racing Grid and select a meet location and race to bet on
  2. On your selected race page, look for the price buttons that appear next to each runner (highlighted below).


    For Win/Place/Each Way bets you can decide to either bet in a Tote (Totaliser Prize Pool) market or a Fixed Price betting market. For more information of how they differ - see 'What is the difference between Tote and Fixed Price Racing'.

  3. Click / Tap on price buttons for any runners you would like to place a bet on. You can select either Win or Place to add to your betslip or click both to make an Each Way bet.

  4. Open your betslip via the button at the top-right of the page (see below)


  5. In the betslip: Add a stake (investment) amount for the bet(s) you have added (highlighted in red box below). You can also switch between a Win, Place or Each Way bet in this step.


  6. Click / Tap 'Place Bets' and confirm your bet placement in the following step.
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