How do I place a Quinella?


To win a Quinella you must select the first and second runners in any order.

A Quinella bet is available on every race provided there are at least three (3) or more runners.


For a Standard Quinella, choose the first two place-getters past the post, in any order. As long as your two selections finish first and second, you collect the Quinella dividend.


With a Boxed Quinella, choose two or more selections. The more runners you 'Box' in a Quinella the more combinations you get. As long as you have the first and second place-getters in your selections you collect the Quinella dividend.


If you feel there's a 'sure thing' in a race that looks certain to win or at worst run second, then a Banker Quinella is a perfect type of bet.

Your 'Banker' would be the 'sure thing' and you can group it with any number of other runners in that race. Providing your 'Banker' runs first or second and any one of your other selections finishes first or second with your 'Banker', you win the Quinella. The more 'other' selections you take, the more combinations you get.


A Multiple Quinella allows you to take as many runners as you like for each placing. For example, you can take three (3) runners in the first leg, and five (5) runners in the second leg. Provided that one of your runners selected in the first leg places either first or second, and one of your runners selected for the second leg fills the other placing (second or first), then you win the Quinella.


  1. Head to the the racing grid at and select a meet location and race
  2. On the selected race page, click the 'Quinella' bet type from the bet type selection bar (shown below)

  3. For a Straight Quinella - select two runners from the 'Banker / Box' column - example below:

  4. For a Box Quinella, select at least three runners from the 'Banker / Box' column - example below:

  5. For a Banker Quinella, select at least one runner from the 'Banker / Box' column as your banker and two or more runners from the 'Selections' column

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