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For details on how to build a multi via TAB Apps - See 'How do I build a multi - TAB Apps'

Fixed Priced Multis allow you to boost your potential maximum payout by combining multiple sports or fixed price racing events together into one bet.

Each leg/event in your fixed price multi bet must win and winnings from each successful leg will be re-invested into the stake of the next leg / event of your multi bet.

You can build your own fixed price multis via the TAB website quickly and easily via the steps below:

  1. Find and add events from fixed price markets to your betslip. If adding racing events: make sure they are 'fixed win' or 'fixed place' as Tote markets cannot be included into a multi:

    Note: To avoid bet dependencies: You can only select one runner per race to include in your multi. Sports events can include more than 1 bet type from the same market as long as their result is not dependant on the outcome of each other (i.e: In NRL/AFL: First Try Scorer and Last Try Scorer have independent outcomes and are OK to include in a Multi Bet).

  2. When you've added all the legs / events you would like to include in your multi bet, open your betslip. Make sure all events you want to include in your multi have the 'Include in a Multi' option ticked:

    Note: If placing a multi bet, you do not need to add a stake amount in your single tickets


  3. Your Multi bet options appear at the bottom of your betslip. Multi bet combinations will generate based on the amount of single tickets shown above in your single bets section. Simply add a stake to the Multi Combination(s) you would like to take.


    The most common type of Multi Bet is a Straight Multi - it will appear at the top of your multi bet combinations and the number of legs will total the number of single tickets eligible to included for a Multi in the single bets section your betslip.

    1X indicates that you will receive one combination of events in your multi and your investment will cost 100% of your stake entered.

    Where available, Additional Multi bet options will be generated into many multi bet combinations (i.e. in the example above: A 3 Leg Multi will be separated into 3 x 2 Leg Multi bets. In this scenario the 3X indicates that it will cost 300% of your stake entered to place this multi bet (i.e. If $1 is entered - your total bet cost will be $3).

  4. Once a stake is entered on your desired multi bet combination(s), click/tap 'Place Bets' as you would normally and complete your bet.
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