TAB+ Rewards

TAB+ Rewards is TAB's exclusive rewards program that allows you to earn points for every dollar you spend on the TAB website and apps.

You can find the TAB+ Rewards page within your accounts section on the TAB website or apps.

The TAB+ Rewards page allows you to view your points balance and redeem once you have reached over 2,000 points. This page also includes a full history of transactions where you've accumulated TAB+ Rewards points.

You can redeem points for betting dollars in your TAB account once you have reached the following levels:

Betting Dollars Points
$5 2,000 points
$10 4,000 points
$25 10,000 points
$50 20,000 points
$100 40,000 points

The betting dollar value buttons will highlight green on the TAB+ Rewards accounts page when you can claim a set amount. Simply click to convert points to betting dollars.

You can earn points faster based on which channel you use (ie. TAB website, Apps or Phone Betting) and your Status Tier* as outlines below which is determined by your spend and reviewed twice per year. 

    Fixed or Tote Spend
Status Level Spend Website or App Telephone
Green Status Spend $1 Earn 1 Point Earn 1 Point
Silver Status Spend $1 Earn 1.5 Points Earn 1 Point
Gold Status Spend $1 Earn 1.75 Points Earn 1 Point
Platinum Status Spend $1 Earn 2 Points Earn 1 Point

TAB+ Reward points are valid for 24 months before expiring unless converted to betting dollars before this time.

For more details and frequently asked questions - see the TAB+ Rewards page on our website.

* Not available to customers of Tote Tas. Customers of Tote Tas with Eligible Spend above $10,000 may be eligible for other discounts, concessions or rebates outside this Rewards Program.

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