Deposit & Withdraw (Manage Funds)

The Manage Funds page allows you to manage your deposits, withdrawals and payment methods online. You can find the Deposit & Withdraw / Manage Funds page within your accounts section on the TAB website or apps.


The deposit section allows you to add funds directly into your online betting account. TAB offers the following payment options:

  • Credit/Debit Card - Credit and Debit Cards pay instantly into your account.  You can add or edit your credit or debit cards within the same screen by selecting "Manage Credit and Debit Cards" further down the page. Credit card deposits may attract a cash advance fee from your banking provider.
  • BPAY – BPAY allows you to deposit funds via your banking provider's online or phone bill payment service. Deposits via BPAY can take up to three business days to pay into your account. Use the BPAY biller code and reference provided when selecting this option to make a deposit. (Minimum $20 deposit)
  • IN-STORE – Deposit $10 or more at your nearest TAB retail outlet (QLD, SA, TAS, NT only). For your nearest location, see our Retail Locator. Select this option to see your account reference number. You will also need to provide your Account Number and your primary photo ID.


  • Bank account – online withdrawal (min $10) will pay withdrawn funds into your nominated bank account. You can also add more than one bank account and you will be asked to choose which account next time you withdraw.
  • IN-STORE – Withdraw $10 or more at your nearest TAB retail outlet (QLD, SA, TAS, NT only). For your nearest location, see our Retail Locator
  1. To withdraw funds you will need to present your Withdrawal Card or
  2. If you don't have a Withdrawal Card - you will need to present a Government Issued Photo ID (your photo ID will need to be registered to your TAB account). The staff at the Retail Venue can phone our Account Betting Contact Centre to register this card for you.

Please Note – You can only withdraw funds which are winnings from bets. To withdraw funds deposited via debit/credit card that have not been placed on bets, please refer to "How can I reverse a Debit/Credit card deposit?"

Our Customer Contact Centre is open 24/7 on 1800 823 888. Call anytime for further assistance.


This section allows you to add, edit and delete credit or debit cards to deposit funds into your TAB account. All payment cards need to be confirmed to lift restrictions on depositing funds. Each card will display whether it has been confirmed or is currently unconfirmed.

To confirm your payment cards, please see "How do I confirm my credit or debit card?"

To withdraw funds, you must have a bank account attached to your TAB account. See below for details.


This section allows you to manage bank accounts attached to your TAB account for withdrawing funds.

You can add, edit or delete bank accounts on this screen. To add an account you'll need the BSB number, Account number and name on your account as set with your banking provider.

For more information about withdrawing funds, please see "How can I withdraw funds online?".

Withdrawals made online can take up to 3-4 days to appear in your account.

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