Funds History

Your funds history displays a list of all account funds transactions (deposits, withdrawals, bets/purchases, winnings, refunds etc.) that meet your search criteria. The date and time and a description of each bet placed is shown.

You can find the Funds History page within your accounts section on the UBET website or apps.

Please note: If you also have a lotteries account with theLott (same account number & password) the history of your lotteries funds transactions will also be included to provide a combined history of all your funds transactions.

Search options:

Date range – select the date range you wish to view by clicking on the calendar icon next to the dates

Transaction selection – make your selection from the Drop Down Menu on the left to display selected funds transactions within the Date range

Available options:

  • All Transactions – lists both debits & credits and provides a running balance of funds.
  • All credits – lists all credit transactions (increases in funds).
  • All debits – list all debit transactions (reductions in funds).

If you require any assistance regarding your Funds History or any other issue, Please call our Customer Contact Centre on 1800 UBET 88 (1800 823 888) anytime for further assistance. We are open 24/7.

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