Jockey Challenge allows you to bet on which Jockey will score the most points at a nominated Meeting. For each race at the Meeting 6 points are allocated, 3 points go to the jockey of the winning horse, 2 for second and 1 for third. The jockey with the most points at the end of the Meeting wins the challenge.

In the case of a deadheat, the points are shared (but 6 points is still the total allocation for the race).

  • With a deadheat for first the jockeys share the points for 1st and 2nd (5) – so 2.5 points each (The jockey of the 3rd placed horse scores 1 point).
  • With a deadheat for second the jockeys share the points for 2nd and 3rd (3) – so 1.5 points each
  • With a deadheat for third the jockeys share the point for 3rd (1) – so .5 of a point each.

Dead Heat Points Allocation

How to bet on Jockey Challenge

The Jockey Challenge page can be accessed by clicking on Racing which opens up the sub menu, click Jockey Challenge.

The jockey challenge page will display all available jockey challenges.

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